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Why is steaming SO important?


Facial steaming improves blood circulation and triggers a thermo-regulating response which causes your skin blood vessels to dilate. This promotes blood flow through skin cells. Author of Ageless, living younger longer Dr. Ben H. Douglas said sweating to your skin is what exercise is to your muscles. With this in mind it is able to promote healthy collagen structures which as a result leads to a reduction in wrinkly and sagging skin. If you do facials teaming regularly you will see that vitality is being restored to your skin.



If you want to step up your skincare game and use a range of different treatments, facial steaming can help you have a lot more success with your preferred products. After using facial steaming to clear way any dirt or bacteria that is in your pores, and exfoliate the dead skin cells, you get rid of the obstacles that cover your skin and prevent your beauty products to better penetrate your skin. So your skin is more able to benefit from the beauty products you might use such as serums, lotions or a face mask.


Facial steaming is also especially helpful to preventing acne breakouts from occurring if you suffered from acne and haven’t found a remedy which works, then facial steaming is worth including as a part of your routine. The main factor which contributes to acne breakouts is clogged pores. With clogged pores your skin gets irritated and in some cases becomes infected. Even if you don’t suffer from acne, facial steaming is a great way to keep your pores clean. When hot steam makes contact with your face you begin to sweat and and as a result your pores open up. This helps break away the hard sebum stuck in your pores and release any direct and bacteria that would have contributed to an acne breakout.


We know that toxins are bad for your skin. With facial steaming toxins are removed much faster. Why? When you sweat, toxins are released due to the heat. In fact steam causes your skin to sweat ten times more than usual and as a result a lot of toxins are released.


Much Love!

Leila and the Deskintox team